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The Story of Charcoal


Five years later, it can be strange to see something change over time, especially when you were a direct cause and effect of that change. The people behind Charcoal have found it incredibly compelling, especially when they have come to see how little people know the full extent of who the people of Charcoal are, the work they do, the feelings they feel,  and how it all comes together, and why they do it in the first place.

There's an endless amount of stories within the history of Charcoal that
The Story of Charcoal only scratches the surface of, but take this as a personal invitation to get to know the story just a little bit more. 

Director: Christine An
Producers: Chike Asuzu and Melanie Menkiti
Assistant Producers: Andrea Regina Esperon and Yaxin Mao
Cinematographers: Andrea Regina Esperon, Ayan Patel, Christine An, Gauri Nema, Hector Rivera Jr, Melanie Menkiti, Yaxin Mao,  and Puturen Sungti Amer 
Editors: Christine An and Melanie Menkiti
Assistant Editors: Andrea Regina Esperon, Rafeeat Bishi, and Regina Wang 
Gimbal Operator: Yaxin Mao
Drone Operator: Christin An

The Story of Charcoal

Charcoal Chatroom: Good Ol' Gossip and The Intricacies of Astrology

In this episode of Charcoal Chatroom, Sara (Online Staff Writer/ Model) and Christine (Videographer) discuss the complicated views on astrology and gossiping while reflecting on their growth through the lessons they have learned.