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Photographer and Creative Director|  Manasvita Maddi
Models | Mira Varma , Nithya Reddy Korupolu, Rumi Varma

As we grow up, we realize the complexity of the world around us and discover an everlasting, intertwined universe of emotion within. We comprehend huge bits of information about what we  touch, sense, hear, and see in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously, we also have the ability to feel so many diverse emotions all at a moment. Happy, angry, sad, fearful, proud, anxious - our unique blend of these emotions truly make us who we are. Sometimes, it allows us to experience life to its fullest extent, and others, it swallows us into a dark, inescapable abyss far from reality. This shoot Swallowed is an exploration of three individuals' intimate experiences with these

emotions and feelings.


"I feel like the first lens I look at anything through, is my need to be loved. It sometimes overpowers my rational side, and I find myself actively working on looking at situations objectively."

"I am my biggest critic, be it the perfectionist in me, or the need to be the best."


"This pride and ego, shown here in purple and green, tend to hold me back from fully enjoying moments or finding happiness."

"I still keep reaching out to this happiness and calm, in hopes that one day, I will be happy and content with myself."



'"While the past year has created a negative outlook on things and people around me, represented by the red [are] the things I want to say, the negativity that is instinctual to spread."



"However, it is held back by the optimism of the pink, the desire for peace, and a desire to control the mood of the space around me, keeping in mind how my demeanor can affect others."

"However, there is a lingering sadness --shown here in black-- ready to take over given the chance, always at the back of my mind."



"The blue represents my hobbies, my classes, and all the things that drive the sadness away, holding my hand through difficult times."



"The emotion of happiness is always mixed with a feeling of contentment and confidence within.This for me always blossomed as the color lilac"






"Learning through different experiences has taught me that this mixture of emotion can always only be found within. It has inspired me to look at the world through eyes guided by love."


"As time passed by, I realized that, sometimes, this outlook of life and love also blinded me.


This slowly creeped in as the strong green hands of fear and black hands of sadness that managed to always hold me back from happiness and dimmed the light I always found within."

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