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Explore our interpretation of nude in color, in name and in its literal form.


Bare it all for our seventh issue, Nude.

As a publication, we’ve always toed the line of what is different to explore the depths of people of color and their experiences. We push boundaries where they are set and dare to break them. In this issue, we set our intentions to execute our newest issue nude, inspired by one thing: boobs. The hardships of the past year are inescapable, but in this issue, we continue our introspective journey as we explore our interpretation of nude in color, in name and in its literal form.

With this issue, Charcoal Magazine celebrates its third year as a running publication. We’ve experienced many changes throughout the past few years, but Charcoal’s commitment to serving artists of color by providing a space to create and share their work is unwavering.

Throughout this tumultuous year, we’ve found ourselves in community with you all, and for that, we owe utmost gratitude to you. We hope to continue our work together as we create art that serves communities of color. Thank you friends, family and supporters for the time and energy you donate to this publication. Without it or you, Charcoal Magazine would not be the publication it is today.


Until next time.


Peace and well wishes,

Charcoal Magazine

Archelle Thelemaque, COM ‘21


Managing Editor
Angelina Wang, COM ‘21


Digital Content Editor 
Kianna Sanchez, COM ‘21


Creative Directors 
Manasvita Maddi, CAS ‘23 Shamayam Sullivan, CFA ‘23


Art Director 
Seyun Om, CFA ‘22


Planning and Operations Director Jessica Zheng, CAS ‘22


Marketing and Communications Director

Chike Asuzu, COM '23

Social Media Managers

Traci Felton, COM ‘23
Sabrina Weiss, COM ‘21

Isabelle Yap, SAR ‘23 
Ramsey Khalifeh, COM ‘23
Traci Felton, COM ‘23

Josh Pei, CAS ‘21


Staff Writers
Lauren Richards, COM ‘21

Celene Machen, CGS ‘21 | CAS ‘23 Mya Turner, ENG ‘23
Armand Manoukian, COM | CAS ‘21 Ireon Roach, CFA | CAS ‘21
Daniel Reis, CAS ‘23
Guari Nema, CAS ‘24 | Pardee ‘24


Production Assistants 
Brittani McBride, CFA ‘22
Irvin Alonzo, CAS ‘23

Ria Wang, COM ‘21


Make-Up Artist
Atiyyah Mayaleeke, CAS ‘23


Web Managers 
Stella Ikuzwe, CAS ‘22


Graphic Designers 
Abby Gross, CAS ‘22 
Hikima Lukomwa, SAR ‘22
Irene Phung, COM ‘22
Chike Asuzu, COM ‘23


Brianna Gilmore, CAS ‘21

Allyson Imbacuan, CAS ‘23

Patrick Udeh, SAR ‘23 
Toni-Marie Gomes, CGS ‘21 | SAR ‘23 Izz Decontreras, CFA ‘21
Ejiro Agege, SAR ‘21 
Zakiah Tcheifa, ENG ‘22
Irene Phung, COM ‘22
Soumya Nimmu, CAS ‘21
Joan Garcia, QST ‘21
Jayda Bonnick, CAS ‘21


Valyn Turner, CFA | CAS ‘21 
BU Naturally

Thanks to the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground for their continued support.

Charcoal Magazine issue #7 is dedicated to the Charcoal and Boston University community for our continuous resilience.

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