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What do you believe?


In October 2019, we posed the question “what do you believe” to the Charcoal community, hoping to discover what drives us to exist as we do. We spent months curating content for our fourth, printed issue, believe. Our timeline was set, but much like the rest of the world, we did not anticipate the ravaging effects of a global pandemic to unravel our plans and halt the production of this issue.

In March, we packed our bags and returned to our homes around the world for what would become months of isolation during a global quarantine period. While the world stopped, it became even more apparent that belief is paramount to our existence. What does it mean to believe? How do we practice our beliefs? What do we believe?

This series of pages bound together to form Charcoal’s fourth, printed issue explores these questions, but rather than present concrete answers, we find a complicated demonstration of what it means to believe. This issue centers hope, love, vulnerability, and power. Through these themes, we explore our humanity, and internal and external motivations that affect who we ultimately become.

As we celebrate this fifth issue, we want to thank you, our community, for believing in us and this publication. Charcoal could not continue without your support, and we remember this every time we come together and think “what’s next?” Thank you for your trust and faith. Here’s to issue four and many more.


Charcoal Magazine

Archelle Thelemaque, COM ‘21

Creative Directors
Bradley Noble, CAS ‘20

Cameron Cooper, CAS ‘20

Art Director
Tulasi Sundaresh, COM ‘20


Chief Financial Officer

Thalis Perez, QST ‘20


Chief Marketing Officer

Nashid Fulcher, COM ‘21

Social Media Director

Melody You, COM ‘20

Special thanks to the 2020-2021 Charcoal Staff and E-board for their contributions to this issue.


Seyun Om, CFA ‘23 

Abigail Gross, CAS ‘23

Angelina Wang, COM ‘21

Jessica Zheng, CAS ‘21


Shamayam Sullivan, CFA ‘23

Chike Asuzu, COM ‘23
Rob Felton, COM ‘23
Jailyn Duong, COM ‘20
Brittani McBride, CFA ‘22
Aya Badran
Sarah Elmosbah, SAR ‘22
Afnan Tabidi, SAR ‘20
Zakiah Tcheifa, ENG ‘22

Atiyyah Mayale-Eke, CAS ‘23

Hikma Lukomwa, SAR ‘22
Tiara Burton, CAS ‘20
Lena Otalara, COM ‘20

Muskaan Khemani, CAS ‘22

Karen Antony, COM ‘20

Staff Writers 
Ayomide Ojebuoboh, SAR ‘20

Lauren Richards, COM ‘22

Olivia Woke, QST ‘20 
Solange Hackshaw, COM/CAS ‘21 Jennifer Ojilere, SAR ‘23


Production Assistants  
Brittani McBride, CFA ‘22


Evelyn Bi, CFA ‘23 
Faith Allen, BU Staff Member

Casey Ramos, COM ‘21

Thank you to Remy Usman and Adia Turner for taking the leap four years ago. Charcoal is what it is today because of you.

Charcoal issue #5 is dedicated to Erin Edwards. We’ll continue to tell your story. 

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