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Warmth is all around us.


Discover what makes life so sweet in our second issue, Sweet.

What makes your life sweet?

Now especially, the need to reflect on the positives in life and for what and whom we are grateful feels more urgent. This issue we received an overwhelming amount of support and submissions from students expressing what brings them joy. For some, family plays an integral role in their identities and definitions of happiness. For others, their personal histories and warm nostalgia bring smiles to their faces. To us, food, friendship, and community provide comfort and peace of mind.

We are so humbled to release Sweet, our second issue and follow-up to our debut issue, Mirrors, launched in February 2018. Like any young project Charcoal Magazine has been a lesson in patience and time, but
one that is well-learned and well-appreciated. What began as an ambitious idea shared between two best friends has grown into something more significant that embraces new perspectives from diverse voices.

We send a big thank you to Innovate@BU for their guidance, to Terry and Christine Noble for their support in making the spring preview zine possible and, lastly, to our contributors. None of this is possible without you.

Thank you for joining us on this beautiful journey. We are so excited to share with you this issue and many more to come.

Peace and well wishes,
Charcoal Magazine

Creative Director
Remy Usman, CFA ‘19

Executive Editor
Adia Turner, CAS ‘19

Chief Financial Officer
Thalis Perez, Questrom '20

Chief Marketing Officer
Archelle Thelemaque, COM ‘21

Social Media Director
Jo Cosio-Mercado, CFA ‘21

Art Director
Eva Vidan, CFA ‘19

Art Director
Patricia Ho, CFA ‘19

Amber Lin, CFA ‘19
Bejeana Breneville, COM ‘20
Bersabeh Mano, SAR ‘20
Bradley Noble, CAS ‘20
Chinwe Oparaji, CFA ‘22
Danielle Gabriel, CAS ‘19
Emmanuel Reid, CGS ‘18, COM ‘20
Erin Edwards, COM, ‘21
Isabella Torres, CAS, ‘20
Lena Otalora, COM ‘20
Qian Mei, CFA ‘18
Zadian Madhuri, CAS ‘18

Bersabeh Mamo, SAR ‘20
Desiré Graham, CFA ‘18
Emmanuel Reid, CGS ‘18, COM ‘20
Erin Edwards, COM ‘21
Jo Cosio-Mercado, CFA ‘21
Kendall Castaneda, CAS ‘21
Kenneth Giron, SAR ‘20
Skyler Vernon, CAS ‘20
Tiara Burton, CAS ‘20
Valerie Ricot, COM ‘19
Yuri Hong, CFA ‘19

Thanks to Blake Sims, Rachel Spekman, Ian Mashiter, Priya Krishnamoorthy, and everyone at Innovate@BU,
Katherine Kennedy, Shari
Tumandao, Jeannette Guillemin, Wendy Swart Grossman, and Suzanne Kennedy.

Charcoal Magazine issue #2 is dedicated to Terry and Christine Noble.

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