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You Better Watch Out for $cary Jerry

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

by Mya Turner

You know that kid that used to roast his friend at the lunch table like he was on some diss track made by Pusha T? Yeah, that guy. He goes to BU and studies Computer Engineering, but he never forgot his rapping prowess. $cary Jerry is from the Bronx, NY and grew up being the wisest kid in the room.

“One of my teachers thought I was brilliant and would always give me books to read. I really didn’t start rapping until high school.” Sporting wide lensed glasses, and a modest frame, $cary Jerry shys away from the dominating stereotypes about rappers.“I honestly picked this name because I am the farthest thing from scary, and I like laughing at myself.”

The lightheartedness that exudes from $cary Jerry is often reflected in his afrobeat-inspired tracks. He believes that utilizing afrobeats in his songs allows his music to be more universal and palatable for a wider audience that may not be familiar with the hip hop genre. He wants to get the whole world hooked on his tunes.“I want the listener to come back and be like damn that beat was infectious. You know, just have it on repeat in their head.”

But, at the end of the day, he is creating the music for himself because it is his art. When asked how he got into rap, he often credits his childhood friend, Farhan, who introduced him to his biggest rap influence Kanye West and other artists. However, $cary Jerry says his biggest influence for his rapping is his own life experiences. For example, his song “Ghana'' gives a shout out to his heritage. Currently his music is playful, rapping about his future affluence, jet-setting from different countries, and warning the younger generations about troubling women.

Be on the lookout though, the rapper says more serious songs are on the way. $cary Jerry aspires to be a big name one day and wishes to collaborate with international stars, such as Burna Boy and Bad Bunny. One day I believe he is going to make it there.

Listen now to his latest release, “Player.” available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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