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"Who I am"

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

This collage shows a series of pictures that represent who I am. Each one is crucial in my life, and believe it or not, each one has taught me something. First, we have a picture that represents fashion. Fashion to me is more than clothes. Fashion is how I wear it, how it makes it makes me feel, and the freedom it gives me to express myself to the fullest. It feels like I am telling a story with each outfit I wear.

The next is nature. Nature fills me with joy; it centers me, and when I need a break from the world, that is where I go, where I belong. Nature has been my biggest helper. It fills my lungs with pure air and puts me in sync with myself; it reminds me that there is so much more to explore.

In the collage, there is a definition of family. For me, my family is everything; they are my biggest fans and cheerleaders. Those who will always be there for me when I need someone, but most importantly, the ones that believe in me when I don't. The next in the collage is food. I love food, and food loves me. The taste, the flavor, and the combinations make me feel like I am in another world. Through food, I have learned that I do not need to restrict myself or feel bad when I eat something I am craving. We should enjoy ourselves and the food we love to eat.

Lastly, in the collage is me, because I inspire myself everyday. For years I have struggled to love myself as I am but, in the last year, I have fully accepted and embraced my body. I am loving it, nourishing it, and taking care of it. I am learning every day that at the end of the day, the only one that should love my body is me, and I am loving every part of this process.

All these pictures showcase who I am as a person. It is what I love and what I am passionate about, and to my future self I want to say: Keep loving yourself and others, laugh hard and cry less. Keep eating what you love without resentment and most importantly, keep working hard to achieve your dreams. And for those who are reading, I love you, and you should love yourself too.


Quick Bio:

Joan Garcia is an Advertising student at the College of Communications at Boston University. Joan's friends would say "that I love to talk to people; they call me a social butterfly"

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