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We’re Stepping into the Summer “Like Oooo” with Kei’s Latest Single

A fun, conversational review about the newest song from Boston's Best New Artist rapper Kei.

Written by Jessica Muchiri & Sara Diaz | Edited by Amanda Siow

Jess: Hey girl! Have you heard this new track by Kei? 
Sara: Hey frennn! Yes, I just listened to it. It was so damn hot!
Jess: That beat was crazy! I felt like she was trying to lure me into a trance.
Sara: Fr, it was like I was literally in there partying with Kei. Her energy was so fresh and lucid that I felt it through the song.
Jess: No seriously! She was singing, rapping, and busting out moves in the video. EGOT status.
Sara: I dead wanted to climb into that video and start moving with her! It’s the perfect song for any function.
Jess: Yuhhh, I am going to be bumping this all summer!

Boston-based rapper Kei just dropped a new single, and it's perfect for the summer. In “like ooo,” Kei displays her dynamic artistry by switching up her flow throughout the track. Right from the beginning, the song gets you up and ready to start moving. The first drum beat tells the listener: the party is just getting started.

The song pulls you into the atmosphere of a house party with trance-like hype beats that put you into a euphoric drunk haze. Kei takes you into that same trance visually in her music video, with people dancing, drinking, and checking themselves out in the bathroom while the music pulses. A steady buildup slows down the track, filling the room with delicious suspense for what is to come. She milks the anticipation—midway through the song, everything slows down, pulling you into a foggy high. Colorful sound effects like a boxing bell set up the thrilling drop that's about to come, as if Kei is about to enter the battleground herself. In the music video, she engages in an actual dance battle against herself, crowning herself as the life of the party in all of her forms. The refrain hits this home, “When I step in the room, watch how you better move.” Kei is here to let you know she is not to be messed with. Kei’s presence elevates the party with her aggressively playful lyricism and bad-bitchery. You may just dislocate your shoulder if you bump too hard to it!

Dorchester-raised rapper Kei is definitely on the come-up, and at only 22 years old has already built up an impressive musical repertoire. Kei was voted “Best New Artist” at the 2022 Boston Music Awards and has garnered over 150,000+ streams. Kei’s youthful and chaotic energy characterizes her music style. This liveliness is present in other tracks such as “berserk” and “benz.” Be sure to check her out @keiweifruit on Instagram and Twitter!