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Spike Girls!

A New Intramural Girls Volleyball Team Arrives At FitRec

Photography by Bayat Ameha

This year a new team arrived in the women’s intramural volleyball league. Team captain and sophomore Hope Myers got the idea to form a black girls volleyball team at the beginning of the semester while looking for clubs to join. Myers wanted to start a sport but was not drawn to the options available. Already a student leader in other organizations, naturally, she thought of starting her own team. After rallying a few friends, they sought to build a team where anyone who was interested in playing could join, regardless of their level of experience. The recruitment process was entirely informal, mostly spreading through word of mouth and via social media.

With the team colors black and pink, Spike Girls just wrapped up their first season with 2 wins and a spot in the playoffs. The team was finalized only a week before their first game, but the players all put incredible effort into each game. This paid off as their playing got more consistent each week. The roster more than doubled over the course of the season, totaling at around 30 people. Players invited friends to come out and show support at their midweek games in FitRec. On one particularly busy evening the girls played two games back to back prompting dozens of people to come out and cheer them on. Spike Girls may not have won every game or made it to the end of the playoffs, but they certainly had a lot of fun this season.

“I’m thinking of starting a team for another intramural sport next semester,” Myers states, ecstatic from this season's turnout. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Spike Girls.

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