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Older Sibling Syndrome

Updated: Apr 28

Ask your doctor today if you are suffering from Older Sibling Syndrome.

Written by Kohana Bondurant

Edited by Mateo Daffin

Created on Canva by Kohana Bondurant

To be born first, you inherit your parents' responsibilities for your siblings.

You are second in command, and your siblings depend on you when Mom and Dad are absent.

The eldest will be subjected to unfamiliar territory stretching from academic atmospheres to the pressures of puberty.

Incessant younger siblings will be given the best advice on conducting themselves in these situations. In contrast, older siblings rely solely on intuition to maneuver through these endeavors.

Your parents proceed cautiously during your development, yet gain a firm grasp on what path your kin should take.

Structure and a second opinion are vacant for your “growing up” process. Nevertheless, extraneous pressure impedes all your actions because your family is watching, and our siblings will mirror our mistakes.

“Set the example!”

“Grow up!”

"Be the bigger person!”

“You are the eldest, act like it.”

“Be Better!”

The echoes of these demands dictate your every move and deny you the luxury to dance through life. You are not a child, but a role model.

Not a daughter but a designated babysitter.

You presume all responsibilities and concern for younger siblings.

An unwavering reminder to protect your sister because you only have each other in this world.

A sister is a best friend for life. Arguments can never sever biological bonds only wound you temporarily. Sisters send secrets down the whisper lane about wanting to grow to be just like you.

Sworn to silence by your mother to not share your sister’s hidden admiration for you.

An unwanted burden shifts into keeping your sister’s idea of you.

Shielding her from the inherent dangers that come from growing up as a teenage girl.

The conception of a perfect older sister is a facade, a fantastical figure you maintain for your sister’s sake. You cannot be vulnerable otherwise strip away the mask of maturity.

The smoke and mirrors of age are an illusion.

You continue to play pretend.