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My Music Tells A Story - Volume III

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

"Suzanna" - Sauti Sol

The song that I am obsessed with is “Suzanna” by Sauti Sol. Sauti Sol is a Kenyan afro-pop band and their song is really important to me because it catapulted me into the Afro beats world with artists such as Simi and Mafikizolo. Sauti Sol’s music carries an element of nostalgia for me, with the drums and guitar sounds that I used to hear on the radio with my family in Kenya blast in the background. “Suzanna” is a love song that calls for the return of a woman named Suzanna back home even after she has done all these wild things around the world. It’s a reminder that I am here and always will be, which is something we all want to hear from our friends, partners, and family.

The degree of artistry and detail that is shown in the music video is amazing. I highly recommend you to watch the music video. It has an 80s theme with its outfits as well as cinematography. The creators thought about every single aspect of the music video, and it shows a dedication to one's craft. It transports you to this 80s dystopian society, and I am so here for it. The outfits and their color contrast inspire my outfits daily. What makes this song amazing is that it exists beyond my streaming device and flows throughout my everyday style and identity.

- Liliane Abese-Gihozo


Celine Dion

Growing up, I remember we always had music playing around the house. We had those CDs that would just have different music videos on it, and I remember sitting down in front of the TV and just rewatching Céline Dion music videos on repeat. After I learned how to write, I would press “pause” and “play,” “pause” and “play” continuously just to learn the lyrics so I could sing with her. She sang with such emotion, such beauty, that I was drawn to it. Every time I listen to Celine Dion now it transports me back to those days, and I immediately feel nostalgic and at peace.

- Stella Ikuzwe

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