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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

by Maria Nino-Suastegui, Hannah Dedji, and Melanie Menkiti

This project reflects the inner self/ego, that we are too afraid to explore or reveal. The parts that are our purest truths, existing in another realm, outside of our world and our reach. It is so profoundly internal, that it is completely separate from ourselves. It is too many layers deep.

Team Members:

Hannah Dedji (She/Her) - Lead Director/Singer

Melanie Menkiti (She/Her) - Director/Videographer/Editor

Maria Nino-Suastegui (She/Her) - Director/Actor

Fréhiwot Bayuh (She/Her) - Dancer/Actor

Milena Campos (She/They) - Dancer/Actor

Juliana Sena (She/Her) - Actor

Immanuella Gabriel (She/Her) - Stylist

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