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Just Friends

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

by Shaylon Walker

We say we're just friends,

But really it’s more.

Dare I confess you’re the one I adore,

But hiding these feelings is becoming a chore.

From the curl of your hair to the curve of your nose,

I swear that you're perfect,

From your head to your toes.

You’re my favorite secret.

No one else knows,

How my heart skips a beat then suddenly slows.

I collect myself quickly,

I can’t ever show.

But these feelings inside,

They continue to grow.

I’m sneaking my glances,

But taking no chances.

I follow your lead,

Sticking to our creed.

But inside I know,

That it’s you that I need.

I’m tied up in your leash,

In desperate need of relief.

Still I stay hidden,

Behind this impenetrable sheet.

I don’t want to scare you,

And cause you to leave.

If that ever happens,

I’d forget how to breathe.

We say we're just friends,

But really it’s more.

I pray everyday you’ll knock on my door,

And tell me that I am the one you adore,

And that hiding your feelings has become quite a chore.

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