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Inspiration in the Daily

Q&A w/Rixy

By Stella Ikuzwe

Meet Rixy (She/Hers), a refreshing artist who uses her work to grow, heal, and find inspiration in the day-to-day.

Rixy grew up surrounded by art, finding inspiration from cartoons, graffiti, and whatever was around her daily. When Rixy was younger, she didn’t necessarily view her art as artwork because her goal was to find comfort, healing, and an escape. Now her art is about being aware of the world and finding inspiration from her day-to-day. She continues to find inspiration in being present, being aware of what is around her, and learning about really cool women. She especially loves that art doesn’t always have to have a purpose, “you are allowed to make it mean you want”

Her creative process is all about trying to reflect and trying to have fun. In creating public art, she considers the people who will live around the art. Rixy also tries to dig deep and continues to reflect until she has found the whole image and vision of the piece she is creating. She describes the process of creation as a roleplay, “ it feels like role play because I’m getting into the zone and stepping into another form”, tapping into the different characters within her. When she hits a creation block, she seeks out emotional inspiration and clarity by taking a walk and just clearing her mind. Looking at other art forms and finding a different perspective to view art also helps.

“enjoy what you believe in, it’s okay if it’s different”

Growing up, Rixy didn’t see herself in other art so she hopes to provide more representation and highlight different kinds of beauty in her work. She would tell her younger self not to be ashamed and stand their ground; “enjoy what you believe in, it’s okay if it’s different”.To younger artists, Rixy encourages having fun, playing with your art, and always staying true to yourself.