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In your absence, I wait

Written by Anonymous

Grieving unrequited love.

I have never been able to put love into words

Perhaps because the concept is foreign and estranged to me

Its customs are unfamiliar

And its vagueness has only ever left me perplexed,

I’ve grown accustomed to the silence that love offers

when i dare speak its name

I’ve even placed a trojan horse outside my home

Originally, I was intent on trapping love,

Hoping it would develop Stockholm syndrome

And confuse my heart for its permanent home,

It worked for awhile,

And for awhile I was in love with its loudness,

I even took the trojan horse off my lawn,

Forgetting that beneath it,

had lied barren soil,

I discovered that love cannot be hijacked,

With stealth, it breaks into your home only for a moment in time

And in its desertion is where you find yourself,

Yet still, I sit in its absence,

Waiting for love to break in and rob me blind again

Hoping this time it’ll plant a row of flowers before it goes

— R