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Idris Brewster Artist Spotlight

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

By Miles Brewster

In this Charcoal Connect Artist Spotlight, I sat down with my brother, Idris Brewster, also known as Iblss, a multi-faceted artist who works through many different mediums.

For the past 5 years, he has juggled two artistic endeavors, one being his non-profit organization, Movers and Shakers, which is dedicated to creating artistic monuments of black historical figures through augmented reality and tearing down the white supremacist statues which stand all over the country. His other endeavor is his career as a producer. He has three projects, his most recent being Raja’s Sun which he released in March of 2022 and focuses on themes of Blackness, afro-futurism, and activism.

We talked about how he began these two paths, as well as his advice for aspiring artists. I hope you enjoy our discussion!

You can find Iblss’ music and his organization’s homepage below:

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