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From Us in Charcoal: Raksha

Meet Raksha Khetan (she/her) – Charcoal Magazine’s managing editor since Fall 2021. Raksha is currently a senior studying economics and math.

“It was amazing, and it’s also why I’m such a people person"

Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Raksha recalls growing up in a large family of thirteen. “It was amazing, and it’s also why I’m such a people person. I love being around people and friends,” she said.

Raksha shares her love for large-scale cultural celebrations. She’s grateful to continue practicing these traditions with the communities she’s found in college. “I’ve made enough friends that have the same interests in festivals and religions, and we end up celebrating the biggest festivals together.”

Raksha’s favorite celebration is Holi, the Hindu festival of colors.. She notes how BU hosted Boston’s biggest Holi gathering this past March. “Everyone was outside throwing colors at each other,” said Raksha. “It was super fun.”

Raksha was inspired to join Charcoal after long conversations with her friends about opportunities to explore self-expression. Although she was never previously involved with the organization, Raksha decided to apply for Charcoal's editorial board as managing editor.

“I absolutely love it. I love being so close to every individual I work with, and I don’t think that’s something you get to do unless you’re in a smaller group”

Growing up in Nepal and Singapore, Raksha found it difficult to fit into BU’s cultural groups. Because of this, she decided to start BU’s Third Culture Club with a friend, an organization made for students with a multicultural upbringing. “It’s a family and close-knit community, and it’s definitely growing,” said Raksha.

Although meeting new people and making new friends has been Raksha’s favorite part of college, she struggled with homesickness during her first two years at BU. “I had always grown up with family, and it was so weird to be in a whole new country without anyone around,” she said. However, after finding communities within campus, she managed to find comfortability in Boston.

Raksha loves writing, painting, photography, and spending time with others. After graduating, she plans to move to Chicago. She also hopes to have her own startup, pursue a master’s degree, and continue to share experiences with others in the future.

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