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From Us in Charcoal: Milena

Meet Milena Campos (she/her) – a model for Charcoal since Fall 2021. Milena is currently a senior studying sociology and criminal justice.

“I want better for our people, and I want to make sure I can do something about it”

Born in Massachusetts but raised in both the United States and Brazil, Milena was fortunate enough to experience both countries’ cultures. “It’s very lively and colorful, everyone is so friendly,” she said of her upbringing in Bahia, Brazil. “It really inspires me, I bring Brazil with me everywhere I go.”

Milena cites the annual Carnaval do Brasil as her favorite cultural celebration, “Brazil stops for an entire week for people to party. [The festival] is very rich in culture… the food, music, and dances are so diverse. It’s beautiful, and I love it.”

Milena began her career at BU as a pre-med student, later transferring to sociology after realizing she was prioritizing other people’s happiness over her own. Since coming to BU, Milena has gained a passion for giving back to her community and providing resources.

“The reason I care so much about community is because being the child of immigrants can get very lonely. You don’t have anyone to guide you, so from a young age, you’re having to grow up earlier. I want better for our people, and I want to make sure I can do something about it,” she comments.

Currently, Milena has found that Charcoal’s themes have connections to her personal life and emotions. “I feel very aligned with Charcoal… [During production for] Climax, I was very much feeling that energy, it was very inspiring to be around… I’m going through a spiritual journey myself.”

Milena also has a tattoo of a snake circling a moon on her right bicep with the words vida eterna (eternal life in Portuguese) underneath. She describes the tattoo as her own interpretation of our upcoming issue’s theme. “To me, it symbolizes renewal and growth… shedding your skin and coming into your essence.”

“I love to try new things… Any way I can enjoy myself and create, I do.”

Novelty and creativity are at the heart of all of Milena’s passions. Milena’s eclectic array of interests includes astrology and plant medicine, and her time is often reserved for personal creative projects such as fashion design and visual art. Milena has also been dancing since she was three years old. Although her favorite style of dance constantly changes, it’s currently krump — a street dance style similar to hip hop.

Right now, Charcoal is Milena’s channel for self expression and creativity, and she hopes to continue working with us until she graduates this spring.

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