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From Us in Charcoal: Megan

Meet Megan Belani (She/Her), a transfer from a small liberal arts college, Megan studies Sociology and Entrepreneurship and is a Content Creator and Web Designer for Charcoal. Within Charcoal, Megan produces content on just about anything: the power of wearing a suit, the comfort within the art of henna, weight and body image; all topics that allow proximity to others.

On Charcoal Connect, Megan writes about what she wants, opening up about vulnerable topics and in response getting messages from friends, strangers, and family who open up to her, grateful for the chance to be able to talk about a certain issue she wrote about. This response is part of the reason why Megan writes about what she wants, Charcoal Connect allows her to foster that community she was looking for at her previous school.

“I’m just trying to learn how to be more genuine when I write and not hold anything back.”

We talked about her journey here, specifically to Boston University, and how the universe and her intuition told her that this was the place. During her transfer application process, Megan got many different signs showing her where she would end up: advertisements for BU on the bus, randomly opening up a magazine to pictures of commencement, and smashed headphones when she stepped onto another school’s campus.

Intentionality is important to Megan, she had the opportunity to live in Allston during her transfer application process and so, almost without planning to, ended up regularly walking through campus, “I would see the buildings where I would have class because I knew I was going to be a sociology major… it was really powerful.. there was no doubt [about where I would end up]”.

Right now, writing for Charcoal is Megan’s way of figuring out her next steps; she hopes to eventually model within Charcoal and get even more involved with the positions she holds already.

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