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From Us in Charcoal: Atiyyah

Meet Atiyyah Mayaleeke (she/her) — an operations manager, makeup artist, and model within Charcoal. Atiyyah is studying computer science and Arabic. She joined Charcoal Magazine her first year at Boston University.

“When I came in my freshman year, I was lucky enough to have met quite a few upperclassmen who guided me to the right communities I wanted to be in”

Atiyyah’s journey with Charcoal began with modeling, which gave her an opportunity to explore her comfortability in other interests. Although she prefers to take her own pictures, Atiyyah enjoys the atmosphere and sense of community modeling brings.

“A lot of these photoshoots have meaning behind them… It’s not just me. Being part of a collective group makes it all the more wholesome.”

When Atiyyah first joined Charcoal, she wasn’t formally a makeup artist. However, that didn’t stop Atiyyah from not only doing her own makeup, but also helping other models with theirs.

“I was volunteering my time because I love being part of the process and organizing things aesthetically,” she said. After discussing with our editorial board, Atiyyah was appropriately recognized as a makeup artist and given an official title.Describing makeup as a labor of love,

“As a relatively creative person, I enjoy seeing the effects that my art has on other people, especially if it’s something so out-of-the-box for them.”

She’s worked to have other artists’ efforts within the magazine recognized as well, and shares her love for her fellow makeup artists.

“I’ve pulled people into this community… [they] put effort in for me, and I want to keep bringing people towards it.”

Creativity and art have been a passion for Atiyyah since her childhood. She cites her interests in woodworking, screen printing, and henna art as methods for self-expression, and hopes to continue sharing her individuality within Charcoal, as well as stepping outside her comfort zone.

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