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From Us in Charcoal: Hikima

Meet Hikima Lukomwa (she/her) – a model, makeup artist, and copywriter within Charcoal since Fall 2021. Hikima is currently a senior studying health science and minoring in public relations.

“It’s a nice time for us to come together, have a fun time, and decorate.”

Born and raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, Hikima is a first-generation Ugandan-American. Speaking of her upbringing and cultural heritage, she said, “You go to school, you have a different meal than everyone else. But I feel like as I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate it.” As a practicing Muslim, Hikima cites Eid Mubarak as her favorite cultural celebration, saying, “It’s a nice time for us to come together, have a fun time, and decorate.”

Hikima’s journey with Charcoal began her sophomore year after she was encouraged by a friend to model for our fifth issue, Believe. “I actually ended up being on the cover [of the issue], which was really a shock to me, I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. After witnessing Charcoal's sense of community in the shoot, she decided to formally join the publication as a model, makeup artist, and copywriter.

Besides the community she has developed in Charcoal, Hikima is part of BU’s Admissions Student Diversity Board and the National Society of Black Engineers. Through these organizations, she finds more opportunities to create strong connections, bond with others, and develop tight-knit families.

Deeming herself a “hobby person”, Hikima challenges herself with a wide variety of hobbies, including upcycling, ceramics, crocheting, and anything that requires her to be hands-on. “I’m the type of person that likes to pick up random hobbies, master them, and move on,” she said. The next activities she hopes to pursue are glassblowing and stained glass making.

Hikima believes the best part of her college experience is forcing herself to try new things. She explains how her habits are drastically different now than when she was in high school. “Growing up, I was very stuck in my ways, regimented and scheduled. Coming to college, I

forced myself to get out of my comfort zone,” she said.

“By saying yes to things—saying yes to Charcoal—and other things in my life, I’ve really been able to get out of my shell more.”

Looking back on her years at BU, Hikima described how switching from a biology major freshman year to more creative and conceptual fields impacted her. “I was the kid in high school that had every part of my life planned out,” Hikima said. “When I came to BU and found that the plans that I had in place weren’t exactly rewarding or as fulfilling as I thought, it challenged me a lot.”

Through a lot of growth and reflection, Hikima is now more in tune with how she leads her life. “I think the idea of one step at a time has really lasted with me,” she said. “I was always trying to replan and rewrite as opposed to just living and absorbing all the great things that come with it.”

“Once I start something, I am all in. It shows in my friendships, the hobbies I pick up, and the way I live my life.”

Although Hikima felt lost for a phase in her college career, she quickly realized that she had an underlying passion for connecting people and reaching diverse audiences. In the future, she hopes to be in a space where she feels comfortable and go into a field that involves project management or community engagement.

“I’m someone who loves fiercely,” Hikima said. “Once I start something, I am all in. It shows in my friendships, the hobbies I pick up, and the way I live my life.” With exciting plans to go backpacking during the summer and a big dream to live in a cottage one day, Hikima wishes to always be evolving.

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