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Editor's Note

Welcome to Charcoal Connect.

In a world where authentic connectivity can feel so far away, Charcoal Connect is here to unite us. Charcoal Connect is here to highlight us and our sources of joy as a place where we can come together to share stories that truly reflect our experiences.

More than just a blog, this digital platform is meant to be a space that inspires conversation, the conversation you engage in your daily life about art, culture, and the world-at-large. The pieces you see on this platform have the ability to resonate with people far and wide and truly bring that sense of emotion that we too often forget about when the world just doesn't stop spinning. It has the ability to center us on topics that truly matter to you, and that is, well, divine.

Through written work, visual art, music, and more, we explore the connections between artists of color in the world and examine their perspectives. This is an interactive platform so be sure to interrogate the content with an inquisitive and open spirit and reflect. We thank everyone who worked to create this platform and look forward to what comes next.

I’m excited to see the beauty we create together. Thank you to our audience for continuing to invest your time and attention in us. I hope you resonate with some aspect of Charcoal Connect and Charcoal itself.

With love,

Let’s toast to a bomb kick off!

Kianna Sanchez xx

If you are interested in contributing to this digital platform, please email us at

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