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Discovering My Style

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

w/ Kahjirah Taylor-Harris

Interviewed by Chike Asuzu

Photographs by Chike Asuzu

IG: @kay._.mars

I’m definitely still discovering my style. I’m trying to start wearing what I want and not care about how my body looks in certain pieces. I think I’d describe my current personal style as comfortable but fun, sometimes leaning more feminine and sometimes venturing into slight edgy aesthetics. My favorite place to shop is Asos, it’s super inexpensive and inclusive and the clothes are always super cute. I draw styling inspiration from @louange.m @simonemariposa and my sister who is literally a fashion influencer. My favorite piece in my closet would be literally any pair of converse that I own. They are super comfortable and you can style them pretty easily.

What I find most important about my style is that I am completely myself. I think when people see fat bodies they associate it with dull clothing or clothing that covers our fatness but I dress the way I want because I can and I love clothes and fashion. I love expressing myself and fashion is a way to deconstruct your internalized insecurities, it’s important to love the way you look in anything you wear