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"Capturing Moments, Ideas, and Spaces"

When I was eleven years old, I found my dad’s college film camera (from the 80’s) in our storage room. Everything started for me when I asked him what it was. My passion lies in analogue photography, but more importantly in capturing moments, ideas, and spaces from my culture and the people around me.

Although it developed later, I became driven to reinstate the common perception of the Middle East as a region and display the beauty and the nuance of it all. Since it is consistently misrepresented, I strive to show the reality I live, one photo at a time.

However, recently I’ve started to shift my approach by focusing more on people. Their emotes, clothing, body language, and positioning can reveal aspects of their character and they all do this in different ways. Setting up a studio space and getting more comfortable using lighting equipment is a recent goal of mine which I’ve accomplished to some degree. It

has also allowed me to have more of an interaction with the subject, rather than being a

mere observer.

This passion has now translated to my website where I’ve showcased

all of my pictures so far, with the intention of emulating what my computer desktop

would look like on any given day. My passion has only begun, and I’m excited to see

where this road leads me to and who I’ll meet along the way.


Quick Bio

Ramsey Khalifeh is a student in the College of Communications ‘23. Ramsey is originally from Lebanon but has spent most of life living in many Middle Eastern countries before coming to Boston for college.

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