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Blossoming Bliss

Flowers flourish when their Garden supports them!

Written by Kohana Bondurant

Edited by Mateo Daffin

Created on Canva by Kohana Bondurant

The Gardener nurtures his White Carnations.

Watching them flourish while other flowers fall to inferiority,

Without nutrients leads to stunted growth.

Roses begin to rot

Neglected and denied essential resources.

Feeling unworthy of sunlight or water.

They always die--a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Roses observe White Carnation's dominance in the Garden.

Yearning to be seen as more than a wilting flower.

Emulation only reaps weeds!

The harvests of desire to be seen with superior status seeds a deadly infestation.

Roses sprout with innocence but the Gardener sprays poisonous preferences on the Rose’s potential to bloom.

White Carnations receive unwavering encouragement to pollinate and spread their success within their plot.

A branch of ignorance blocks the sunlight from shedding its insight that every bud is beautiful.

Roses are conditioned to be less than while White Carnations blossom in bliss.

No amount of rain or fertilizer can repair the planted prejudice.