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An Insular Tahiti

by Megan Balani

My heart pounds to the beat of a salsa dance. My brain rapidly places one foot in front of the other - one task in front of another, striving to complete all the work before the hands of the clock hit 9PM. You and me … we are racing ourselves from the second the sun hits our eyes to the second our eyelids close. It’s hard to keep peace of mind when we are dividing them like slices of a pie, and investing it in other priorities.

As a recovering busy bee, I’m slowly getting the hang of slowing down at the end of the day. This is in order to have a mind that is steady and clear, instead of ping ponging between ideas, worries, and self-criticisms. If my routine is your cup of tea, that’s great - use it at your will! If not, I encourage you to take elements of what I’m saying and see how you can implement it in your own life.

Before I get into bed, I make sure my whole side of my dorm room is clean, as well as my clothes are folded and out for the next day. All schoolwork is zipped away in my backpack, so I am less tempted to work the second my eyes open. When in bed, I have a Watch Later section on YouTube that includes a few videos that I listen to while lying down.

Though I don’t follow Tony Robbins’ work, I do feel the pressures in my body alleviate when I allow his words to pass through me. Every day and night that I listen to this, I always smile because I am reminded of all the good memories that have stuck with me, and continue to fuel my gratitude for all that I have now.

As someone who considers herself spiritual, I can understand when he says that what you put into your subconscious will affect what you see in your imagination. For me, I allow myself to let go of what is on my mind and be in that still headspace. My favorite line is: “in the soul of man, lies one insular Tahiti full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all of the horrors

of the half lived life.”

This meditation is focused on clearing your mind and body, which allows you to manifest your intentions. I believe that every action we do is intentional, which shows up on the whiteboard of our reality. In simple terms, intentions lead you to take an action, which leads to an effect (cause and effect). In my life, I continue to attract the right people and opportunities to me at the right time, and they all grow me into the person that I will need to be for others in the future.

I knock out quite fast when I listen to Dr. Beckwith. I don’t always pay attention to what he says, but his calm voice asking questions about what we need to know at the moment makes me think of how I can be of service to other people during the day.

Regardless of whether this routine suits you or not, choosing anything that calms yourself is always a step forward in the right direction! I encourage you to surrender your thoughts and worries, and allow yourself to settle into your insular Tahiti … the place where your piece of mind lies.