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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

by Mya Turner

I feel hot. I feel sexy.

Entranced by the Queen in front of me,

With her blonde braids extending to her ass cheeks.

A delicious cocoa brown body is arched

as she twirls and swings her hair from side to side.

I am admiring myself in the mirror.

Dayummm, I think.

The words of my favorite song enthrall me,

if you can see it in the front, wait until you see it from the back,

mhmm you know the vibes.

I run my hands down my face and feel my big silver hoops dangling from my ears.

How’d that saying go again?

The bigger the hoops the bigger her brain.

I get my work done during the day.

Now tonight is my time.

It is time for me to have fun time;

Time for me to act up time. It’s that loving me for all of me and being carefree type of time.

Right now I have no responsibilities.

See, I am a nerd; but in high school I didn't go to a single party until my senior year.

I thought I was missing out then but, girl thank God I didn’t shed a tear.

‘Cause I am really living here.

My titties are sitting high in this crop top,

And my booty is looking fine hanging out these jeans shorts;

what’s too much skin—don’t know her.

What’s too much wit—I smile and grin.

Lip gloss reapplied, check— gum in bag, yes.

Just about ready to go and me and my girls are looking the best.

1,2,3 click!

And we have our squad pic’.

I feel sensational. I feel exceptional. I feel like the shit.

I am the shit.

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