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A Million Questions

by Marcus Pruitt

It feels like I’m always asking myself a million questions. Is my outfit too menacing? Am I

walking too close to them? Do I need to lower my voice? Is there anything that will get me in

trouble with the law today? And those are only the questions I ask myself about the outside

world. The mental toll that comes with living among laws that are built to target us is almost

unfathomable to those the system is built for. Being subject to those horrors is something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Yet, I still find myself slipping into the cracks. I’m not perfect, nobody is, but I long to see a world where I can be free. I hope that in my lifetime I am able to enjoy the land of the free, or else I’ll have to continue to ask myself, will we ever see the same peace that those around us share? Or will we continue to dance around the devil?


Marcus Pruitt is currently a junior at Illinois State University studying Journalism. Marcus has been writing since he was young but didn't start taking it seriously until his senior year of high school when he got his first writing job. Since then he has been dabbling in music writing, interviews, and other outlets of creativity. He has written a few pieces on things he advocates for and social justice that he wants to see, and he plans on moving his writing and other endeavors in that direction in the future. Marcus really wants to tell the stories that need to be told and focus on the areas of life & real issues that aren't really given thorough consideration by others. In A Million Questions, Marcus details some of his daily thought processes as a black man.

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