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A Brief Pause

The City of Hyderabad has one of the most unique cultural diversity in India. With influences from the Middle East, South and North Indian provinces, Hyderabad has successfully brewed its own essence that stands proud amongst the rest. In its heart lies an architectural and cultural marvel, Charminar (loosely translated as 4 minarets), which has become a home to all Hyderabadis'.

Built in 1591 by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, Charminar was intended to be the center of business, society, art and culture of the newly formed Hyderabad. Even after 400 years, nothing has changed. The buildings aged, names of the owners changed, but the spirit of the people living and their constant bustle of energy throughout the day remained constant.

As Covid-19 cases rapidly grew in India, Charminar - the soul of Hyderabad, took a breath and paused for the first time in centuries.

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