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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

by Jaden Duenas

“ I was inspired to create JACK after a series of ongoing conversations, both internally and with the actor, Will Harrison, about mental health. We really wanted to touch on this fine line between a mental health crisis, family and relational problems, and addiction as a form of escapism. Through this window into Jack’s mind, we see how these troubles come together in a chaotic mess of hyperreality. There’s also the fact that Jack doesn’t really find himself transformed in any way throughout this film, which can be an issue in drama since drama is generally based on conflict and ensuing transformation. But this isn’t a typical drama; it’s video art that exaggerates reality, and sometimes in reality things don’t change or get better. The first treatment I wrote for JACK was actually titled “Jack Shit” for this reason. What does Jack do in this story? What changes about his situation? The answer: jack shit.”

About the Artist:

Jaden Duenas is an audiovisual storyteller, writer, and researcher who focuses on stories of pain and escapism. He’s finishing his last semester in COM’s Film & Television program as he prepares to re-establish himself back home in Illinois where he will continue to study Film Directing at DePaul University’s MFA program in Chicago. You can find his

multi-disciplinary art at

Check out more of Jaden’s work @jadenduenas_

Check out more of the actor’s work @wjrharrison

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