Written by Valyn Turner

Valyn Lyric Turner is spoken word poet, actor, songwriter, and activist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the original home of the Cherokee and Creek native nations. Valyn is a sophomore Posse Scholar at Boston University where she double majors in Theatre Arts and Spanish. Notable poems include “Race in the Classroom” and “Bleeding Red, White, and Blue,” both of which have been featured on the podcast “The Only One in the Room” with Laura Catchart Robbins. You can also find Valyn’s work on the radio drama, “Iris”, wherever you get your podcasts. Valyn’s mission is to inspire, empower, and serve others through her craft.

if you carry my refuge in your careful hands

i will bury my worry in your grasp

and sink in the stream of your patient desire

and breathe


my last rain was a cyclone


forgive me if i use my umbrella inside

for they took my raincoat and put it in a place

i couldn’t reach


but it’s dry here

and warm

and you unwrap my saturated fabrics

and drape me in your leafless shelter

and i fold my umbrella


and where acid rain left scars

your careful hands drew stars

and promised me the sky

where you told me to look


and there,

i read the living sign

tucked just behind Orion’s belt

a message to hold


my ancestors

with their souls in the sky,

they danced in their birth given garments

of earth

and i


i follow their light


and unzip my chest

and soak


and breathe