Photography by Ramsey Khalifeh


Chike Asuzu (COM '23)

Toni-Marie Gomes (CGS '21, SAR '23)

Izz Decontreras (CFA '21)

Traci Felton (COM '23)

“I think vulnerability can be first felt in the heart but second on the skin. It’s like our last defender to everything scary in the world. It’s also the largest way we receive its blessings. The warmth of a hug. The breeze of the wind. There is so much to love of our own flesh in bones, but that’s easier said than done.”

-Chike Asuzu COM ‘23

Here is indistinguishable honesty and love imprinted onto the very surface of our skin. There’s also fear. Fear of the very shape and form we were gifted with from birth, afraid that the world won’t accept us with a warm embrace. Feel what we felt in these pages in our love letter to the bodies we bear.