issue .002



Tart, delicious, and satisfying, fruit appears time and
time again in literature as symbols for abundance
and temptation. When it came time for us to answer
the question "What makes life sweet?" we sought to

photograph a story that embodies that same sweet-
ness, sensuality and passion—and what’s sweeter

than fruit?



We caught up with School of Theater majors Desiré Graham, Jo Mercado, and minor Tiara Burton to find out what it's like within those black-painted walls.


Sugar, much like sisterhood, has an undeniable
quality: it brings it all together. The word “sugar”
came from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit,
शर्करा (śarkarā), originally meaning “grit”—a quality
that rests deep in female bonds. In this shoot we
explore the support and strength of three women,
all of whom embody the fortitude and spirit found

in the origins of the word śarkarā. With notes of inti-
macy and warmth, we capture the simultaneous

resilience and sweetness of sisterhood.