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Discover what makes life worth living.


Find your high in our eighth issue, Climax.

Transitions. Charcoal has been through more than we can count, but this one has felt especially different for us. Entering the year with the largest, newest team we have ever had, questioning what Charcoal has been, what Charcoal is, and what can it be felt like second nature. When we think of POC voices, how do they sound? What is the tone of voice, the diction, the pace? Charcoal has often taken a softer approach when presenting such stories, so this time around–we got loud.

Climax explores what makes people’s lives worth living. It’s a rejection of inhibitions and an exploration of indulgent, unrestrained fulfillment. It’s a love letter to all of our recklessness and mindful devotion to the parts of our lives that keep our hearts beating. This issue uncovers what leads us to our high points, but also how easily we can fall from them. A mountain has several peaks and drops. See how it all leads to the top in Climax.


If Climax does anything, let it resonate deep in your heart and ring loud in your ears. Do not ever shrink your desires. Yell from the top of your lungs the livelihood you deserve. You deserve to be prideful. You deserve to be passionate. You deserve to be ambitious. You deserve to be.


See you again soon.

With love, Charcoal Magazine


Chike Asuzu

Shamayam Sullivan

Director of Operations

Jessica Zheng

Managing Editor

Raksha Khetan

Creative Directors

Gauri Nema

Manasvita Maddi

Marketing Director

Mira Elzanaty

Web Director

Stella Ikuzwe

Art Director

Gladys Vargas


Andre Weiss

Isabelle Yap

Melissa Hurtado

Ramsey Khalifeh

Shelby Barthelemy

Zoe Tseng


Ernesto Garrido

Jaden Duenas

Lauren Richards

Melanie Menkiti

Senior Editors

Mya Turner

David Malkin


Alyssa Yeh

Annette Yan

Lauren Richards

Sophie Lyu

Suhera Nuru

Neha Chinwalla

Camille Ofulue

Marketing Manager

Irvin Alonzo

Marketing Copywriters

Hikima Lukomwa

Julian X
Skye Patton

Jacqueline Santoyo

Marketing Researcher

Kate An

Production Assistants

Brittani McBride

Irvin Alonzo

Kate An

Rafeeat Bishi

Shaina Evans


Immanuella Gabriel

Make-Up Artists

Atiyyah Mayaleeke

Kim Buyannemekh

Hikima Lukomwa

Teesa Manandhar


Adora Mehala

Alefiyah Gandhi

Allyson Imbacuan

Becks Loo

Imandi Herath
Jayda Bonnick
Milena Campos
Miyu Nakajima
Naomi Boye
Patrick Udeh
Preethi Basani
Rhea Bandaru
Safiya Umrani
Sanjana Krishnamurthy

Toni-Marie Gomes

Valyn Lyric Turner

Zakiah Tcheifa

Suhera Nuru
Gabriela Garcia-Mendoza

Kim Buyannemekh

Ernesto Garrido
Mya Turner
Julian X
Maria Nino-Suastegui

Hikima Lukomwa
Atiyyah Mayaleeke

Web Designer

Megan Balani

Content Managers

Miles Brewster

Skye Patton

Graphic Designers

Alya Zouaoui

Rayne Schulman

Annika Pyo

Drew Demeterio

Hannah Ramos

Asjha Malcolm

Derek Ewers

Neerali Gandhi

Clifmon Leroy


Romil Pandey
Anaya Barmecha

Ashley Facey
Gloria Ampadu-Darko

Brittani McBride

Thank you to the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground for their continued support.

Charcoal Magazine issue #8 is dedicated to our new staff, making our family bigger than ever before.

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