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Sankofa, from the Akan language, means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” 


Look to the past in order to move forward, in our third issue, Sankofa.

When we set out to choose a theme for our third issue, we knew we wanted to select a topic that required our contributors to look to their roots, to trace where they come from and how, if at all, that history influences them and their work today. The significance of the past—both personal and political—varies person to person, but it’s in the ways that it emerges that captured our interest.

Our title, Sankofa, comes from the Akan language, meaning “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” Sankofa reminds us to look to the past in order to move forward, encouraging us to find the best parts of ourselves in our roots, history, and traditions and use them to better our future. 

The core of our third issue features an extended article about Filipinx artists Nikka Palapar, Rosie Reyes, and Casey Ramós—three kind and multifaceted young artists whose story inspired Sankofa’s golden color palette and voice. They, and our other fifteen contributors (a record number for Charcoal!) exemplify the beauty of celebrating oneself and one’s history, and have made this last issue for our founding team one to remember. 

Thank you to our community for your continued support—we look forward to looking ahead!


Peace and well wishes,

Charcoal Magazine


Creative Director

Remy Usman, CFA '19

Executive Editor

Adia Turner, CAS '19

Managing Editor

Erin Edwards, COM '21

Chief Financial Officer

Thalis Perez, QST '20

Chief Marketing Officer

Archelle Thelemaque, COM '21

Art Director

Eva Vidan, CFA '19

Art Director

Patricia Ho, CFA '19​


Cameron Cooper, CAS ‘20

Casey Ramos, COM ‘21

Dev Chatterjee, PARDEE ‘19

Devin Harvin, CAS ‘19

Esther Kwon, COM ‘19

GianCarlo Lobo, COM ‘20

Hafzat Akanni, CAS ‘20

Hector Meneses, QST ‘19

Jo Cosio-Mercado, CFA ‘21

Lovie Burleson, CAS ‘19

Meredith McDuffie, CAS ‘20

Nikka Palapar, CAS, CFA ‘19

Qiu Yu Hong Lu, CAS, CFA ‘21

Rosie Reyes, CAS ‘19

Ruth Dele-Oni, SAR ‘20

Tammy Qiu, CAS, CFA ‘19


Cameron Cooper, CAS '20

Deanna Campbell, CAS '21

Jo Cosio-Mercado, CFA ‘21

Thank you to

Dean Kenneth Elmore, Katherine Kennedy, Shari Tumandao, Pedro Falci, and Marivic Alvior-Cruz for your continued support.

Charcoal Magazine issue #3 is dedicated to Suzanne Kennedy.

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