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Issue 01: Mirrors
We centered our inaugural issue around the theme of reflections and introspection because Mirrors is as much an introduction to us as it is to you, the artists. We invited you to share with us your memories and self-portraits, and the responses were both exciting and moving. We also introduce you to artists from the community, and you answered our titular question:
"What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
In this issue…
Cover + Feature – Charcoal art directors Eva Vidan and Remy Usman explore themes of introspection and identity in this conceptual photo story featuring graphic designer Patricia Ho.
What do you see?Charcoal asks students what they think their reflection reveals about them.
The Pixelated Brown Mask – Writer Vicki Saeed questions and explores the inherent power dynamics at play when white content creators write characters of color, emphasizing that for some of us "the Struggle™ extends far past our computer screens. "
My Grandmother Carried White Babies on Her Back – Xaulanda Thorpe explores how her grandmother's career as a caretaker to white children affected her own world-view and sense of self growing up.
Blue – In this painting series Annette Montero explores the loss of identity that one may experience from battling with depression and anxiety.
35mm – Film photographer Bradley Noble shares pics of friends and strangers from the nightlife circuit.
Q+A with @blackinshanghai – Photographer Bidemi Palmer discusses her time abroad and the instagram account documenting her experience as a black woman in Shanghai, China.
Painting Faces – Amber Lin finger-paints her way through a series of extra-large portraits exploring the limitations of bound hands and limited palettes.
An Interview with Maisa Gheewala – Charcoal's Meredith McDuffie interviews the Pakistani painter about her instincts, her inspirations, and her intentions.
Half of a Whole – For much of her life Tanya Llanas experienced everything in doubles with her twin sister. But when their comfortable paths diverge, she must confront a newfound solitude and unprecedented separation.
Blood Pact – Patricia Ho explores the significance of the color red in Chinese culture and the relationships—chosen or otherwise—it characterizes.
Music: Tommy Choppa & Bella Kebede – Charcoal talks to two student musicians about their projects and where they're headed.
Love is in the Hair – Writer Meredith Mcduffie on how black hair is black identity and why hair is beautiful, difficult and so much more than, well, hair.
Stories (Mirrors)