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By Elizabeth Natalie Ng

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Naiveté | Creative Direction by Elizabeth Natalie Ng

Youthful Curiosity, Openness and a Sense of adventure. This maiden welcomes Charcoal's end with a new beginning, with wings spread wide, our stories are bound to continue in our individual adventures. Though we may be uncertain at where the wind takes us, we fill ourselves with much wander for the world we yet to explore, and we carry it through as we embark on our journey full of flight and wonderment.

Editor | Elizabeth Natalie Ng

Photographer |  Ruofei Shang

Makeup Artists | Stacey Dubreus, Nyayian Biel, Nicole Agwu, and Rachel Lin

Fashion Stylist | Cindy Mensah

Production Assistants | Maria Nino-Suastegui, Rachel Nozaki, Isabelle Abraham, Madison Lloyd

Models | Charu Tiwari, Tami Gordon, Sara Diaz

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