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It’s been a long year. A pandemic, a tumultuous election and its aftermath, nationwide protests for justice - all a part of a series of devastating events that only emphasized the inequities within communities of color. Many words have been penned attempting to make sense of the chaos, ours included. However, in spite of the darkness, we’ve found lighter moments bringing us joy and peace. 


Through this time, we’ve leaned on community to support us. Our community, the Charcoal community, has been with us through it all. Our vision for the future is one where we heal the wounds of centuries past, shaping a better world for those who will come after us. 


As creators, we will write, illustrate, and capture profound moments that feed the soul. In this next chapter, we will continue to work toward justice and equity in a world that often denies us those very “unalienable rights.” Far too many times have our calls for justice been tuned out by the ears we seek to reach. No longer will we plead for change. Rather, we will continue our work, priming the world for an eminent revolution in what it means for all to be created equal. 


Thank you for your support as we realize our vision forward, together. 




Charcoal 2020-2021 Executive Board 


Archelle Thelemaque, COM ‘21


Managing Editor

Angelina Wang, COM ‘21 


Creative Directors 

Mansavita Maddi, CAS ‘23

Shamayam Sullivan, CFA ‘23


Art Director 

Seyun Om, CFA ‘22


Planning and Operations Director

Jessica Zheng, CAS ‘22

Online Editor

Kianna Sanchez COM '21


Chief Marketing Officer 

Nashid Fulcher, COM ‘21


Social Media Directors

Rob Felton,  COM ‘23

Sabrina Weiss, COM ‘21


Mansavita Maddi, CAS ‘23 

Ramsey Khalifeh, COM ‘23

Graphic Designer 

Abby Gross CAS '23

Production Assistant 

Brittani McBride CFA '22


Nithya Reddy Korupolu

Mira Varma

Rumi Varma

Abdullaah Robins, CAS ‘21

Jayda Bonnick, CAS ‘21 

Sofia Colombo-Abdullah, CAS ‘21

Julia Hertzberg, CFA '22

Staff Writers

Ireon Roach CFA | CAS ‘21

Celene Machen CGS ‘21 | CAS ‘23

Mya Turner, ENG ‘23

Armand Manoukian COM | CAS ‘21

Thanks to the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground for their continued support.


Charcoal Magazine issue #6 is dedicated to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless number of Black people whom the institutions set in place to protect their lives have failed them time and time again. Justice is no longer an option - it is an absolute obligation.


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