A fuse serves two purposes: to ignite a flame or to stop a powerful electrical current. People, like fuses, behave similarly. There are moments so loud that ignite our passions and leave us no option but to act, to start a fire. Then, there are moments where the fuse activates and a rushing current stops, and we experience quiet, bliss, peace. What happens when we explore the passion that starts a fire and the moments where the fire stops? What happens when we fuse our experiences?

Submission Guidelines
– deadline October 31st, 2020 –
We welcome submissions for all visual art, artist projects, conversations, interviews, and articles (opinion, essay, narrative, etc.). Please read these guidelines carefully!
Send your submissions to submit@charcoalmag.co with the subject: "Believe 
Submission/Your Name". Submit all images in JPEG or TIFF format; submit written submissions as PDF.


All images and writing must be original and exclusive to Charcoal. Submissions must explore the Believe theme in some way. The more general the angle is, the less likely we are to consider it.

Submissions must center around the POC experience in relation to the arts + to the theme in order to be considered. This includes fashion, music, dance, art, lifestyle, subcultures, and more.


As a contributor, we will provide you with a .pdf of your spread, cover, and table of contents, as well as a printed copy of the magazine as a token of thanks for dedicating your time and creativity to this project.


We're here to support you! Make sure to include the following with your submission:

          (1)  artist statement, 250 words or less

          (2) personal bio, 100 words or less

          (3) link to social media or portfolio (optional)

Photo Essay Submissions
  • Must submit at least 8-10 different images for room to edit.

  • Must include a short foreword or 500-700 words accompanying piece that explains your work.

  • Include full team credit

  • Images must be at least 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF format

  • Charcoal will choose final headline for feature

  • No logos or watermarks on your work (you will be credited in-book)

Written Submissions
  • Must be between 500-1200 words (excluding poetry).

  • You must include any material needed to support facts you cite in your piece.

  • Once we agree to publish your story, you will work with one of Charcoal's editors to fine tune the piece. Note that Charcoal will choose the headline and any artwork that goes with your story.

  • If your piece has accompanying artwork with it, please also refer to the photo essay guidelines.