Power in Cloth

Photography by Bradley Noble


Atiyyah Mayaleeke (CAS '23)

Sarah Elmosbah (SAR '22)

Afnan Tabidi (SAR '20)

Hikma Lukomwa (SAR '22)

Aya Badran

“Thinking of the word ‘believe,’ I thought immediately of religion, and then the topic of the Hijab. Many Muslim women, as well as some other religious women, wear the Hijab as a part of their faith, but for me and many others, head scarves also hold cultural significance. Cloth in the form of hijab, head ties, wraps and scarves are used for a number of reasons that transcend beliefs, and I wanted to depict that in a bold and colorful way. Adorning your head in cloth is a powerful statement of strength, boldness, and pride — it is a part of who we are, and I believe it should be celebrated.”

- Atiyyah Mayaleeke (CAS ‘23), Charcoal Staff