Goddess Kali

Creative Direction by Manasvita Maddi

Photography by Manasvita Maddi


Muskaan Khemani (CAS '22)

Karen Antony (COM '20)

“I grew up listening to stories of Goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil. Whether it was killing the demon Daruka or fighting Lord Shiva, one of the three most important gods, Goddess Kali never stood on the sidelines when there the world was in need of a fighter. She is the epitome of power, strength and femininity. My mother used to tell me that Goddess Kali resides in all of us,

in our courage and defiance of injustice.

Our world is at a crossroads. We live with rising concerns of climate change, inadequate governments, mental health issues, and reducing resources. I believe that the Goddess Kali in us all will help us move away from this path of self-destruction and pain. I want us to have strength and courage, and to feel inspired to fight for the world we want. Because the most important belief I have, or that I want to have, is that the world can be a better place for all of us.”

-Manasvita Maddi (CAS ‘23)

“Honored also by the other gods with adornments and weapons, the Devi laughed thunderously and defiantly again and again.

She filled the entire sky with her terrible roar, and from the immeasurable din a great echo resounded.

All the worlds shook, and the oceans churned. The earth quaked, and the mountains heaved.

In joy the gods exclaimed, ‘Victory! ’ to the lion-mounted Devi; and with bodies bowed in devotion, the sages praised her.”

Devi Mahatmya, Chapter 2 Verse 32-35